Friday, April 23, 2010


I... talked to my mom.
No, not about any of this stuff.

But I told her that I'm liquid fasting.
Her words?
"Go for it!"

And somehow, permission makes me want to less. But I will. Because I have to. Only until Sunday, but a full 48 hours.

God, is it horrible to say I miss the 160s and 170s? The weight came off so much easier...

Alright. Time for a new plan.

-Work out every day. Strength or cardio. Just DO ONE.
-Wean off of junk food. Did you know that drastically cutting your sweets (especially if you're big on them) can have some of the same effects as a druggie going through withdrawal? Don't know if that's true, I've never done drugs.
-Try to stay below 500 solid calories a day. Although I should count them, liquids don't count in this.
-Get to a stable 155 by April 30 (prom)

Eh. It's not my best plan. I know. I'll work on it..


  1. That's so great that your mom was actually approving your fast (:
    Oh! nd thanks for the comments; i really appreciated them; especially the really long one. I like it when people post long comments; because I tend to do that a lot.
    And I know that you will be 155 by then; it's just a hunch.
    And your plan is fine!
    I don't know if you are looking; but I was wondering if you wanted to be email buddies?
    if soooo... my email is

    If you don't the it's totally fine with me (:
    sorry this was such a short comment....

  2. You can do it! And yeah, ummm I don't know why but when my mom supports me with this stuff (I told her I puked during track, she said, while looking at me from toes up. it's a great way to loose weight. thanx mom.) So your not alone in that.

    Nice! I wanna go back to 48 hours...but the food tastes so god damn good! fuck it for being so enticing! Well your plan sounds awesome! I hope you can do it hunni <333

  3. Normally, unless you look like you're gonna be sick if you lose anymore weight, parents will go along with anything you say as long as you aren't "starving yourself". That's my parents, they'll say something I'm doing is unhealthy but it's all "whatever it's on her" ridiculous. Your plan sounds good, just keep fighting and don't give up!!

  4. You can do this!!! At least your mom is not making a big deal out of it... its weird that she's going along with it, but maybe she thinks you have good boundaries, so its ok. Good luck. I believe in you :)