Friday, April 23, 2010

Broken. Fuck.

Yeah, I had to break it.

The fast, I mean. 43 hours, approximately.

My mom was getting suspicious. Fuck it.
My dad commented to me earlier that I looked like I'd lost weight, so I asked my mom about it (usually he doesn't comment on that sort of thing). She said that he had mentioned it to her, and that she had told him I had been eating healthier, not exercising, but eating healthier. And then she made a comment to me, "Yeah, like eating nothing,"

Oh shit. What?
"Nahh, Mom, I eat like all the time."
"Not much..."

I went on to cite past binges over the week, and told her I wanted mac n' cheese for dinner, got her off my back...

But, I'm still 2/21 days binge-free, didn't eat THAT many Reese's Pieces (while reading a Cosmo article about Heidi Klum, no less).
I even gave my mom the bag once we got out of the car and told her to get rid of the rest.

I think I'll liquid fast tomorrow and Sunday. I don't think I could keep this up during the school week. So many people yelling at me for not eating.

It's not like I fucking need it, okay? You see the giant love handles or my potbelly?! Jesus.


  1. 43 hours is still impressive. i am very bad at fasts. keep it up, atleast you didn't binge. :)

  2. oie. hope they dont start watching you..

    some tips to make them think you're eating: be in the kitchen a lot, constantly looking into the fridge, etc.
    leave some dirty dishes in your room or around the house.
    get out of the house and say you ate at the mall/friends house/picked up something

    good luckkkk!

  3. 43 hours is still great, so don't worry about it :]
    It's good to hear that your parents care about you, even though it effing sucks when they interfere like that x.x
    Take care,