Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mmm, Caramel Macchiato.

I'm so thrilled, my email buddy, who has been going through a very rough time lately and hasn't been able to keep in touch emailed me today.
I was starting to get really worried; I'm so relieved now.

I decided to eat like a normal human being again... I can't do this fast-binge-fast-binge. I can't keep doing it.

So I'm going to try to eat like a normal human being. Except, more restrictive, obviously.
I'll type up a plan in a few minutes and post it later, when I'm finished with my essay. Since you guys love seeing my plans and watching me fail at them! Hah. :]

Also, I wanted your opinions, so I better see some comments from everyone (-points at self- Attention Whore, with a capital "W").
I'm considering telling my therapist (who I have not seen in over two months) about my Binge Eating Disorder, or at least how I think I have it.
My reasoning is, then I can get treated for BED (however they do that; more therapy, no doubt), while still restricting. Yes? No? Leave me a comment. I don't know that I trust her though, then my parents might get involved, then they ask questions, and I DON'T WANT TO ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. I can talk to my parents about anything, really... Except myself. You guys are the only ones I can talk about myself to.

Alright, time to write an A.P. English essay. Bleh.


  1. My experience with therapists is that you can't tell them some things and keep other things hidden. They usually know you are hiding something from them and try to wheedle it out of you. Also, if you don't tell them everything then they can't help you as effectively. Would you tell this therapist you still want to restrict?

    Don't worry so much about the telling-your-parents issue. Unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, they are bound by HIPPA laws not to tell. That's assuming she has some certification of course, and not just a counselor.


  2. Dude, seriously you and I have the exact same mindset right now. First off, I decided to start eating normally yesterday too [same reasons, I've been on a red light green light eating cycle lately] but still quite restrictive, and also was thinking of telling my psych that I think I have BED, because I keep bingeing > < And like you said, if I could get treatment for that it would be GREAT.

    I say tell her...because I think I'm going to tell mine too. She legally can't tell your parents things unless its a threat to your health, which bingeing wouldn't be I'm sure, so she shouldn't tell your parents :/

    Have fun with that essay haha.

  3. hmmm. Well maybe you should weigh the pros and cons of telling your therapist. I have considered finding an Over Eaters Anon. type of deal thinking maybe that would help me with bingeing and give me strategies to overcome urges even when I am not about to binge. I don't have the balls to talk in a group though.

    But really, if you tell the therapist about bingeing, you'll have to talk about food. Are you able to talk about food without talking about restricting?

    Will your therapist tell your parents about the BED? That might bring heightened attention to the times when you AREN'T bingeing, and maybe call into question your eating habits to a more magnified degree.

    Anyway. Those are just a few of my thoughts. A few bloggers I follow have been treating their bingeing with medication. Maybe that is something your therapist would support if you are interested.

  4. the main question is: do I want to help myself?
    regardless of who knows, which is all legal issues, do you want to find your way out of this hole? i think personally that if you want to stop the binging, you have to stop the restricting too. youll still binge after you restrict so youll just find yourself in a never ending cycle.
    if you are finding the courage to tell someone, i think you should...its the best thing for you...

  5. Why don't you try calorie cycling?
    So one day you eat kinda normal, the next day you have some calories but lower than normal.
    Its good for your metabolism.
    I've lost 38 pounds by not being that strict..

  6. yeah, the only advice my therapist has for my bingeing is to eat more and more regularily so that i dont have the urge to binge.


  7. Hmm...Wow it's amazing how almost all people with ED's have therapists...I have one too! lol. Well I don't suggest that you tell your therapist because she will obviously figure out the restriction part of it. Yeah I told my therapist that I hate how I compulsivly eat and she was like "your so skinny, do you throw it up then?" And I lied my way out of it. If I wasn't such a good lier, she would of figured out what I am doing, and I would've never been able to stay the way I am. SO my take on it...DON"T tell.

  8. It's good to let yourself loose a bit and eat closer to normal than usual (: Restricting too much is a green light for binging~ I'm sure you'll do great and succeed this time :D