Friday, April 9, 2010


I had sundaes tonight.
Yes, that's right.

What the hell is wrong with me?
Performance high.

Whenever I finish a performance (we had a concert tonight), I get happy, I get binge-y.

Does anyone else get more binge-y when they're happy?

I'll leave the Boy Stories for tomorrow, right now it's two in the morning and I'm about to pass out.
I just felt like telling you guys that even though Today was a bad binge day, Tomorrow is going to be fasting and watching Skins.
Love Cassie so much.
Got the Season One DVD from a friend.
So excited.



  1. I get the opposite... I get bingey when I have a hard blow emotionally.

    Now occasionally I will allow celebratory eating if something amazing happened...

  2. Cassie was always my favourite. And I find that happiness is one of my main triggers for binging, more so than sadness. It sucks.

  3. MMM bad binge day for me too =/ It's okay you can do it hunni!!! you are getting closer everyday to your goal of perfection! And mmm I wanna hear the boy story!! :D And yeah I get kind of bingey when i am happy it's okay! One step at a time hunni :]