Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I didn't realize it before,

but my number of posts has surpassed my weight.
I should have celebrated.

-throws confetti-

No, really though, today has been... not wow. But wow.

I woke up at 157.2 today.
Weighed in around 6 at 157.2, my scale.
Weighed in around 6 at 155.4, parents scale.

I trust my parents scale more than my own, because last night it tried to tell me that I weighed 130 (hah!).
But still.
I'm in shock and awe.

Also, happy news, I made up with my friend C (we had been being rude to each other because of his nasty girlfriend who he was like in love with. Ugh) and now we're on speaking terms.
I had to take a test in an empty room with him after school and it was so awkward and afterward I was just fed up, so I texted him. And now we're on speaking terms.
Which is nice, he's a cool kid.
I liked him last year.
Not going down that road again.

Haha, I think I made him angry. :] Oh well, he still loves me. He wouldn't have responded to me in the first place if he didn't want to talk to me. :]

Oh, yay, I didn't make him angry.

Alright, I'll go eat small portions of dinner. I love you guys!

(And for those who asked, my fast went GREAT. I did eat last night, but after 8:30 (yes, I know, bad, not supposed to eat late, but I wanted to not binge today) and my weight stayed down. So, I'm happy. For now.)


  1. Good to hear about your friend, it's always shit when you're not on speaking terms with people like that > <
    Congrats on your fast! :)
    Take care,

  2. Haha! How funny your number of posts surpasses your weight! Glad your fast went well. Stay strong <3