Saturday, April 3, 2010

That little diddy about shadows is indeed something I wrote, last night to be exact.

Since I'm being one hundred percent honest with you guys (well, usually. I don't count lying by omission), I've decided to tell you how my day went.

I bombed.
This is what I do on my plans, and I'm even planning to go eat more.

I also have a new plan for tomorrow.
Wanna hear?
Oh well, you have no choice. You can click out of this browser or just keep going, I really don't care which.
Okay, I lied, I do care, someone fucking pay attention to me?!?

1 cup of cranberry juiced, blended with ice.
Calories: 140

Calories: 0

Same as breakfast
Calories: 140

Total calories: 280

If this doesn't work then fuck me. I'm just a big fucking failure.

Two chocolate bars added to my Anti-Binge Drawer.

I must have the temptation and not give in. This is the final test of mastering The Bingies.

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