Thursday, April 1, 2010


Fuck you fuck you fuck you SAT. I hate you.

1870 will not get me where I need to be.



  1. i know exactly how you feel omg i cried because i got lower than i expected too :////
    my best of score was an 1860, so at least you got better than me :/

  2. I got a 1980 but I'm going to a school that only requires like a 1000? I would give you my extra points if I could. : ( Where are you trying to go? And there's still time to take it again, right? Good luck honey!

    And about liquid calories, I believe I read about a study where a group of people were given X amount of solid calories, and the other group were given the same amount of liquid calories, and the liquid calorie group lost more weight! So it's totally legit, haha.

  3. Awww, don't feel bad babe!! Maybe you can take it again?? But 1870 isn't bad at all! I only got a 2010...most schools don't even care about the SAT that much...though it's helpful for scholarship. Chin up sweetheart it's a good score!