Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boy Stories and New Plans.

Alright. I suppose I promised boy stories, didn't I?
It's probably just one of those things where I make a big deal out of nothing, so don't get your hops up too much.

So, this past week in class, we were ignoring our teacher (as per usual), and talking about all the people that have left our school (my school is grades 7-12, and most of us have been at the same school since 7th grade). We were discussing all the people that had left, the creepy people, the annoying people, even some of my best friends.
And someone brings up this girl who had been the biggest skank, even though she's like, two feet tall and has a nose the size of Texas (yes, I'm judgmental, but she was an ABSOLUTE bitch to me, as well as a nasty slut that stole one of my crushes). The guy that sits next to me says, "Yeah, I hear she's like a total slut now."
I replied sarcastically, "Please, she was a total slut when she was here!"
L, who sits behind me, "Really?"
Me, "Yeah..."
The guy who sits next to me, "Wow, I didn't know that."
L, "Well I didn't really know her.."
My friends begin their own conversation, about how she's a drugged up slut now.
Me, "Yeah, total skank. And she does, like, E or heroin or something now."

I had turned back around to talk to my friends, and I hear L say, "Wow, fucking slut!"
So I turned around and looked at him, he was smiling at me, so I laughed.

Yeah, pathetic story, I know, but it was the highlight of my week...Like, he verbally trashed a girl he barely even knows for me. :]
Not necessarily for me.
But it makes me feel better to think that.

And yesterday.
L likes to put hand sanitizer on the seat of the guy next to me, as a joke, trying to get him to sit in it and get his ass all alcohol-y.
So, he had put it on the kid's seat in the beginning of class, in the shape of a smiley face. Our teacher got mad and yelled at everyone, because no one was sitting in their proper seats.
In the middle of class, I see L out of the corner of my eye, taking the bottle of hand sanitizer and putting it on the edge of the kid's seat, so that if he moved back an inch, he would sit in it.
I told him it was horrible, and that I should tell the kid, because I'm a nice person.
What did I do instead?
I laughed hysterically with L for five minutes, waiting for the kid to move, so he would get his pants covered in hand sanitizer.
And then laughed hysterically with our entire class for another fifteen minutes, after the kid sat in it, realized it, screamed at L, got yelled at by our professor, and cleaned up his seat.
Totally worth being in on an inside joke with L.

I'm such a little pansy-ass girl, getting all excited over this shit.
Also found a different prom dress I want to get:

Tell me the truth, guys, does it look really cheap? Or is white a bad idea?
Because there's another dress for the same price that I like too...

What do you guys think? Which one should I get?

I'll look fat in either one I suppose.
This post is getting pretty long, so I'll save my new plans for tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to make some chocolate milk, get some more Diet Orange Soda, and keep watching Skins until Sunday morning pops up.


  1. There both gorgeouse dresses!! But I like the first one a little bit more..either though would look amazing on you im sure of it.

    And I think its so cute, and (hilariouse), how you and that guy seem to hit it off and have the same sense of humour. Keep it up, have fun, and
    >>Stay Strong Sista..!.:)

  2. I like the first one but in a different colour :)
    Haha, I'm like that too-- humour like that made up my old school [9 people in my class, was so fun aha].

  3. i dooo like the first dress, however i think the second one is really interesting! im voting for the second because i feel like it will stand out. but obvi im outnumbered :)