Friday, April 23, 2010

Liquid Fast, Day 2; Dreams.

Liquid fast, Day 2
Start weight: 162.0
Current weight: 157.6
Weight lost so far: 4.4 pounds (um, what?)
Calories consumed today: 0, as of yet. Just woke up!
Projected calories: Eh. Not sure.

So I had a dream last night...
I dreamed that I woke up, wanting some of the delicious bagels and cream cheese and cookies my mom had brought home on a black plastic platter (she didn't actually bring that home, by the way). So I ate it all. Completely, utterly binged, even though it had been liquid fast day.

So I'm wondering: was this some sort of premonition? That I'm going to screw up today? Or was it to give me strength so I DON'T screw up? My subconscious confuses me...

Thank you for your lovely comments, girls. I really adore them, I do.
I had something else to say. But I don't remember what.

Top Eight Fairytales I Wish I Could Be In
1. Alice In Wonderland
2. Cinderella
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Peter Pan
5. Swan Lake
6. Aladdin
7. The Frog Prince
8. Thumbelina


  1. I don't think its a premonition... but it is psychological. Your body wants to eat. Good food that it likes. And you are in control and you have to keep telling it now. Its kind of like sex dreams (not to be gross). Its just from having repressed desires and usually when you get what you want the dreams go away. Its normal to dream about food.

    Regardless of the dream you had, you are in control of yourself today, and you can do it!! Good job on the weight loss so far!

  2. Yeah, I don't think it's a premonition either. I think it's just like having the experience without having it. It's something you might want to do (I mean not really, but kinda), but you won't. I know you can do this babe, don't get freaked out. You are strong. Will of steel. Impregnable. Invincible.
    Stay strong babe!

  3. or it could be that your so full of anxiety tht your going to binge, that you dreamt it...

  4. Good job on your liquid fast and your weight loss. Thats great.